The seminar provided 22 full-time and volunteer staff / employees from 14 youth organizations in 5 program and 5 neighboring partner countries of the Eastern Partnership (Eastern Partnership Youth Window ) with the possibility to discover the popular adventure-oriented method “City Games ” and other experiential methods of youth work and to learn to use them for their future international youth meetings .

The goal was to stimulate an examination of the topic “Destroyed diversity” and the history of cultural, ethnic and religious diversity in Europe through city games in order to promote the historical and political awareness of young people and to strengthen their active European citizenship. The results of the seminar in the form of a city game methods and project ideas are available to other interested youth organizations in this blog.

This seminar aimed at people who are active in international youth work and gave them the opportuniyt to discover the popular among young people experience-oriented method “City Games ” together, as well as learn use urban games for their future activities. The project thus contributed to a higher quality of non-formal youth education and improved cooperation between youth workers on international level within the objectives of the Youth in Action program.
A priority objective was to reach young people from disadvantaged rural or urban areas with the help of attractive and experience-oriented learning opportunities such as city games, and to arouse their interest in participating in EU mobility projects and lifelong learning – and, in the long run, contribute to an improvement of their professional life prospects.


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