Voices of Participants

Here you can find some of the participants’ feedbacks and comments about the Seminar:

“First of all I would like to thank you for this interesting training. I had a feeling that all leader’s group was really commited and open. You always found time to talk about ours needs and suggestion.

In my opinion time management was good, we had time for everything, but sometimes I regretted that group was separated in our free time. I liked the mid-term evaluation:)

Program was generally well considered, apart from the 5th day, when after Jewish Museum we went to Anti-war Museum. I think it would be better not to escalate difficult, hard emotions and visit only one Museum per day. I felt totally emotionally exhausted after this experience. Generally in my opinion this kind of places are not proper for RPG.

1. I feel very good and grateful for this week in Berlin.

2. I would like to thank somebody for something…

I would like to thank Agnieszka for her commitment

3. I would like to wish all participants good luck!!!

4. I learnt few ineteresting city games which surely I will use in my future projects.

5. I understood that Berlin is really amazing city, have many faces and its diversity is coming back.

6. I would like to say thank you to all wonderful people whom I’ve met.

Blanka Szlacheta


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